One hundred percent adrenaline adventure sports
Free fall from a bridge; overflying the Pyrenees in a paraglide, going down the rough waters of a mountain river. Unique experiences to leave stress and gain renewed strength.  Nature can be calming and relaxing, but it can also offer you the chance to live your greatest... more info »
Adventure sports - Water
Water provides opportunity for endless adventure. Rivers or reservoirs; on the surface or under water.  Canyoning, canoeing, rafting, sailing, waterskiing and diving. Magical experiences one does not forget.  Huesca’s rivers and reservoirs, symbols of life, go from... more info »
Adventure sports for school groups
A walking path, a horse ride, multiadventure activities with zip-line and hanging footbridges. Huesca boasts perfect destinations for school trips or camps.   Fun is a sure thing when you share your adventure with your school mates. These are unforgettable experiences... more info »
Adventure sports for company groups
Huesca proposes adventures to get away from the daily routine. Multiadventure activities, paintball, workshops, orienteering races... Magic at its purest to strengthen the team.  Huesca’s doors are open to everyone. For this reason, companies wishing to experience... more info »
Adventure sports for families
Children and parents, hand in hand, to live an adventure they will never forget.  A sports-based experience with zip-lines, footbridges, or a quiet horse ride to discover the magic of Huesca.  Enjoying adventures is compatible with any nature lover of any age. The magic... more info »

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